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Jacques Guillet peintre

Conquering his palette

"Lovers of nature and country roads, landscapes of France or elsewhere, of Italy, of classical music, of the skies of Provence, of the tides of the ocean, of old stones and ports, of legends and dreamlike worlds, sometimes nostalgic, often poetic, I draw my creativity not from the subject but from the colors that transcend it and make it imaginary. This is how I try to magnify reality. »


Jacques Guillet Born in Vendée on the shores of the Atlantic, Jacques GUILLET lived for a few years in Provence. This period greatly influenced his way of painting and bringing light to his paintings. Today retired in the Mayenne countryside, he devotes himself full time to his passion with, after having experimented with all materials, a single medium: vinyl emulsion. His first encounter with art was offered to him by his drawing teacher in college. The encouragement of this man makes him realize that he has an innate ease and passion. After an art school that teaches him academic values, he listens to the artists who punctuate his career and do not hesitate to teach him personal techniques. Over time, through advice and lessons, he forges his signature and asserts himself in his choices.

His paintings then take on a new dimension with additions of material and surreal colors which magnify the places and skies of his landscapes in which buildings of character are often found. The pronounced taste for history, architectural heritage and music challenged this man of the seaside to make appear, to the same rhythms as the old stones full of mysteries, the ports and boats, omnipresent in some of his series and sometimes the musicians he meets.

After preparing his canvas, Jacques Guillet draws his painting the old-fashioned way, entirely by hand, sometimes with Indian ink before letting his imagination play with the colors of his palette. The drawing which worked for an architectural painting then believes that a libertarian painting takes birth under the brush. But there is no anarchy on the canvas, the unrealistic colors harmonize methodically. The visual language is freely inspired by the figurative to make it imaginary.

For some time now he has freed himself from this exactitude, while retaining his favorite subjects. He now layers them in a refined and simplified way on the canvas. There is no longer a look at an existing landscape or monument but rather a need to escape which makes him create “Landscapes of Elsewhere” straight out of his imagination and imbued with a minimalism that reveals itself. He had never imagined he would enjoy it so much. Co-founder of the Majestic Gallery associative gallery in Montsûrs in Mayenne, Jacques Guillet works in favor of other artists while devoting himself to the passion that has always driven him.

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