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Jacques Guillet, a French painter born on the Atlantic coast, celebrates the essence of landscapes and maritime architecture with a unique sensitivity and a warm palette. His artistic career, forged at the School of Fine Arts which taught him academic values ​​to which he remains very attached, spans more than five decades and is distinguished by constant evolution and perpetual exploration of new avenues of art. expression. Passionate about architecture and imbued with the marine atmosphere, the artist tirelessly reveals these themes on canvas, marked by the imprint of his years in Provence, where the light sublimates his works. His style, constantly evolving, oscillates between complex realism and a tendency towards revealing minimalism. His artistic practice takes a fluid, sequential approach, where each subject is explored with inspired freedom. By following his instinct of the moment, he navigates between the need for accuracy and the desire to escape, thus allowing exploration without constraint. This freedom offers him the possibility of revisiting previous themes at any time. The works of Jacques Guillet invite spectators on contemplative journeys imbued with wonder, transporting them into a universe where the perception of reality mixes with imagination.

"I am on my journey, discovering and redefining my passions over the years. Evolving is not denying the past, but an assured progression, a daring refinement. By exploring complexity, I find the confidence to discover new paths and dare to simplify. As long as I find pleasure in these infinite possibilities, I continue to move forward. "


"Jacques Guillet's paintings are a timeless symphony of colors and shapes, a classic art reinvented to captivate souls and awaken passions."

Gabrielle GERMAIN - Review


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